• SP CDL Collision Impact Limiting Systems

    It cannot be said that the word “collision” brings us good associations. When considering the phenomenon of collisions from the perspective of machines and devices, we can say a lot about its causes. Often, it is human error or the failure of appropriate control systems that verify the alignment of the part with the fixtures. On robot arms, these causes can be related to incorrectly placed parts, and on gantry feeders, there are also many reasons for collisions. The solution aimed at limiting the consequences of collisions is the installation of the SP CDL system, which operates based on the installation of accelerometers in the appropriate locations in machines, on robot arms, gantry feeders, and other places that require protection against severe collision effects. Based on our long-standing cooperation with DigitalWay, with whom we are a technological partner, we test and integrate SP CDL devices according to customer orders. Please feel free to contact us to assess the potential for installing the SP CDL device in your machinery and equipment fleet.