• Interactive Waste Sorting

    Waste sorting, or more precisely, the establishment of proper segregation habits, is a matter of concern for those who want to ensure that packaging from products does not end up in every ditch. The concept of interactive trash bins, as we envision it, is based on “playing with emotions.” We decided to litter the Krakow Market Square, the Warsaw Mermaid, the Eiffel Tower, and even the Colosseum; we aimed to create a dissonance between the idyllic vision of these places that many of us have engraved in our minds and purposefully littering them by graphically superimposing animated piles of garbage onto these images. In all the locations where our trash bins were installed, they evoked various reactions and comments, but one statement was most commonly repeated: “you can’t pass by them indifferently.” We are open to constructing dedicated installations or delivering our standard solutions personalized to the specific needs of users – either way, our goal is to stimulate thinking about waste segregation issues.