• Precision Agriculture

    Precision agriculture (PA) technology is a farm management system, which relies on various measurements, data collections and analysis, as well as decision making. The introduction of precision technologies in agriculture has been motivated by the high degree of variability of agro-ecological conditions within fields. One of the criterion for introducing PA technologies is the development of an up-to-date arable crop information system that provides information on soils, crop land cultivation, plant status, etc. This information can be used as input data for cultivation and predicting yield estimate. In order to set up such an information system, it is essential to use modern data gathering and analysis technologies. Remote sensing is the most effective tool for surveying the Earth’s surface and tracking its changes.


    Goals and objectives

    Adapting new technology and research results to investigation of the productivity of the area based on satellite images.

    In detail

    • Plant growing monitoring (satellite data, UAV)
    • Mapping Crop Status
    • Identification of problems (lack of sowing, cultivation problems, pests,..), stressed plants
    • Irrigation management, variable requirements for irrigation within one field (UAV, Satellite)
    • Effect of drought on plant growing (UAV, Satellite)
    • Soil mapping (degradation, moisture mapping
    • Identifying fertilization and pesticide requirements (Satellite, UAV), nutrient deficiencies, weed
    • Crop estimates by RS
    • Mapping potential management zones within fields