• WattPilote Tool Usage and Breakage Control

    Tools, their wear and breakage in machining processes, keep many production department managers awake at night. However, there is another way to approach this topic. Optimizing tool usage has significant cost-saving potential in terms of production costs, which is of great importance to business owners and management. By installing a power-controlled system for monitoring tool usage and breakages, a world of possibilities opens up for us, related to the expanded knowledge of our processes that we will acquire while using such a system. The WattPilote systems, which we integrate based on our long-standing collaboration with DigitalWay, provide protection against production defects. Through the detection of tool breakages, trend analysis of usage, and special features for detecting tool wear, all three types of control are carried out simultaneously – for which the company holds a patent. WattPilote systems also excel in research and development applications. Thanks to the installation of the WP module, WP_Visu_C software, and the CyberMachine device for collecting and cataloging data, we are able to manage the machining process much more consciously, select new tools, test innovative cooling technologies, assess the quality of the materials we produce, or detect machine component damage through advanced functions. We invite you to contact us. We will share our passion and expertise in the field of machining process control, assist you in selecting the right system and its configuration, and provide training for your staff to enable you to independently operate the DigitalWay WattPilote control system.