• Scanning Tools

    In machining processes, where cutting tools and surface scanning technologies play a significant role in better understanding the complexity of blade wear-related processes, they are now accessible to a wide range of users. We have access to tool scanning technology based on optical differentiation, both in domestic and foreign research centers, and a researcher’s perspective in everyday work in production departments. This combination guarantees a thorough examination of every issue.

    There are many reasons why it is valuable to know about tool wear: whether it’s changing suppliers, altering cooling technology, or the material we’re machining, or simply optimizing production costs. We can now find answers to these and similar questions by simultaneously applying a control system during the machining process, DigitalWay WattPilote, with surface scanning after the process is completed. We provide a link to our latest publication describing the application of the above methodology for comprehensive production process optimization. Please feel free to contact us. During our initial meeting, we will discuss our completed projects and define the scope of potential collaboration.